Treating stress with hypnosis

Scientific research seems to confirm that many problems in Life are caused by Stress – and there is a solution with a holistic treatment with Hypnosis and NLP in Ipswich and Colchester:

Why is Stress perceived as a problem?

Stress has been proven at the heart of many problems: addiction, depression, low self-esteem, failures in relationships, at work, in life in general.

Stress it seems can lead to Cancer, heart disease and a focus on anxiety or panic which many find paralysing.

Work related Stress is now recognised as one of the biggest killers. However Stress handled properly can be our friend.

If your HR department in your Business does not have a strategy in place for Work Related Stress you could be sued by employees – it happens in the US – and as we know it will be here soon. Talk to me for FREE to see how I can help your Business function more productively with less negative Stress.

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DISCLAIMER: Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy and should not be considered a replacement for Medically advised treatments and results can vary from person to person.

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FAQs on Stress and how Hypnotherapy and NLP can help:

Why is it so difficult to deal with stress – when it could be the main culprit for many of our health and personal problems?

The answer is that often stress is unconscious, buried deep in our subconscious, but managing our impulses. To get to it and disable the devastating effects on the immune system seems virtually impossible: how to fight a problem that does not even know it exists?

And Stress blocks the natural defensive agents of the body, and thus it becomes susceptible to all kinds of pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

A little Stress is good – when it activates adrenaline to help you identify and deal with challenges quickly and efficiently.  It is when it gets out of control that we spiral into meltdown and become anxious panicky worried or just plain ill. We then do not function well and a bad situation becomes worse.

I have even had a Business client so stressed that he came in with pronounced stuttering and physical twitches – leaving 90 minutes later completely free of the affliction. This was brought on entirely by Stress.

Is there any agent that may act directly on the cause of all our disorders, diseases and failures?

Yes! This is NOT a miracle cure – but acts by simply redirecting the unconscious processes which trigger these responses to try another more beneficent way – and this is where hypnotherapy and NLP can help you remap or alter the way that you process stress. You learn how to anchor a calm state and resolve issues in a relaxed way to find the best way forward every time.

What if you fail?

“So what fail again .. next time fail better”. (Samuel Beckett)

Learn to use perceived “failure” to do it better next time and don’t get miserable about it.

What is stress?

Stress happens when we try to do too much – of course part of this can be handled by changing the way that we handle challenges or problems – but we also should look at why the reaction is one that actually hinders you in resolving the challenge.


We have an ancient mechanism called the “fight or flight response” – which was useful if faced by a sabre toothed tiger intent on making you its breakfast – but not the same for Nigel from accounts wingeing about overspend of your budget. We try to suppress these feelings of sweaty palms .. heart racing .. a slight dizziness – that is actually the worst way to deal with your mind body response to a challenge  – because your unconscious processes will think you obviously needed more adrenaline and more stress chemicals – which makes it worse – so you try to suppress it again and so it spirals up into severe anxiety or panic or other manifestations of stress.

Rather than spiralling into a worse scenario- you can learn how to intervene and train yourself to acknowledge the alert and use the energy productively and calmly to tap into your inner experience and wisdom to find the best solution.

As you learn to process stress more productively and gain insight how to talk to the parts of you that run your mind and body – we can begin to go deep into issues and start to resolve them.

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