On Hypnosis Faith Belief and the Placebo Effect

On Hypnosis Faith Belief and the Placebo Effect

Things clients say that are self defeating

Two statements  drive me crazy when I am working as a Hypnotherapist – and they underline the client’s problem generally: “Yes, I will TRY!” And “I HOPE this works!”

Both those statements contain the seeds of their own defeat: “try” and “hope” implies you think it might not succeed!

It is a bit like the dismissive “placebo” effect – if it is a placebo why does it work? And why isn’t as much money spent discovering why it works as is spent in synthesising drugs which have many side effects?

What connects Faith Hope and Belief?

Belief or faith implies some investment in the treatment working .. My experience is that if clients ‘just do it’ and invest in it working they succeed in their aims and quite literally “change their minds.”

I once treated a client for headaches that he had daily for ten years. There was nothing physiologically wrong with him. Drugs similarly helped little. Te problem the Doctors suggested was “psychological”.

I agreed – I suggested that he “looked for his headache” every morning and “found it” and then amplified it.

I gave him visualisation exercises to turn down the pain and by some miracle they mostly stopped!

However it wasn’t a Miracle – it was a simple change in mindset and a belief that it would work …

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