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Past Life Regression and Esoteric Trance

Past Life Regression in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk – Come as you were!

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“Are we reborn after we die?”

Graham Howes is a hypnotherapist based in Ipswich Suffolk and has practices at  The Tree Room Colchester and Frinton Essex and Hadleigh Suffolk. He was Chat it’s Fate featured Past Life Regression practitioner. He has run Group Past Life Regressions but mostly offers one to one sessions of PLR.

Graham has also been featured in Jenny Smedley’s famous series Books on PLR and in her Chat It’s Fate Articles on Past Life Regression.


Past Life Regression in Suffolk and Essex with expert Past Life Regression Therapist Graham Howes – previously at Harley Street London W1.


Past Life Regression is fascinating and always different – for some people it is fun – for others offers a profound insight into why their current life is “like that” – as a Hypnotherapist if, sometimes more therapeutic work is required, we can undertake Present Life healing if that is indicated. I was featured in Chat It’s Fate as a leading PLR therapist and have featured in Jenny Smedley’s books on Past Life Regression.

Past Life Regression – Come as you were!

What is Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression?

That is a tricky question as there is fierce debate on the subject! I have shared some of my Past Life sessions with clients, with their permission, with the well known authority Jenny Smedley. She published some of these in her book “Soul Angels” and has quoted me in other books and is soon to kindly feature me in “Chat It’s Fate”.

My experience of my own PLR

I was taught and regressed myself by the legendary Susan Arrowsmith – who also regressed Jenny Smedley which initiated her life long fascination with the subject of PLR.

I was a Publisher of Fine Editions and Antiquarian Bookseller living in Bath in the 18th Century. Although sceptical before I went into hypnosis I suddenly found I was a very relaxed “me” but also in a sunny room in a posh part of Bath inveighing against Cheap editions of Books – urging that they should be hand tooled, gold leaf, fine leather. I was drinking a sherry in a sunlit room and awaiting a customer – I did all my Business by Appointment at Home – meeting clients initially in the Coffee House. Under Susan’s questioning I just seemed to “know” this! It was odd yet fascinating. My Wife was “my wife” – the keeper of the Household and I was a somewhat irritable individual.

Past Life since…

I have been regressing people now for over five years – sometimes filming the event or recording an audio. I decided on audio because I have many hours of people barely moving – so no point in filming!

I have had French Female Murderers who were bigamously Married to a Scottish Laird to provide an heir and murdered the opposition who had tormented them with the aid of a Cook! She kept avoiding this dark tower where she was with her son … it became clear that perhaps she faced execution!

Females who were Males back in the nineteenth century and published satirical Magazines – who described life as an orphan on the streets nicking … growing up and working for a Magazine and then starting their own on subscription and prospering. She described in detail with addresses and details of the street and dress of people in 19th Century Whitechapel – where she has never been and I know well. Fascinating!

Others like to just have the experience I had an Emily who just wanted to wander the moors and told me to shut up! Another very Suffolk lady who became the posh bossy Lady of a Mansion in Cumbria and thought I must be a servant.

Then there are people who need closure like the little girl lost in a cold mist – the subject of oft repeated dreams – who had been in a situation at the period of the First World War where her Mother had moved in a new man who disliked her and was cruel. She described the area and where she had run away. We realised that this was why she died and the dreams disappeared – the spooky thing is she played it to her Mother who went pale – it had happened in her Family exactly as described and was the Family skeleton in the cupboard.

Another Man had been run through in a Medieval Battle in the spot where he had a strange ache that wasn’t for any other discernible reason.

Some people prefer to just experience the whole thing without interruption – one I pity that I was unable to question because she was Emily on the Moor who in a gruff Yorkshire Irish accent told me to shut up! Another very Suffolk Lady became the Lady of a Cumbrian Mansion and treated me like a servant.

I worked with an Artist who was a Classical Pianist in war torn occupied Europe in the late 1930s – she discovered she was synaesthesic – able to see music as colours sometimes instead of hearing it – Bach is Red and Vivaldi shades of Green it seems. It was a fascinating session and very detailed: names places etc.

I have to be prepared for everything – so thank goodness for my years as an Actor Director and Writer! I had one person who was very confused – it seemed she was in a Medieval Library in a Monastery and again she was a he – a small boy. I tried to get some sense and then asked for the boy to open a book. He did and described stunning pictures of an obviously hand decorated gold encrusted Bible. What did it say? I was fascinated – and then thought it would be in Latin the language of the educated determined to keep their distance from the hoi polloi. But actually she/he could not read at all – why did I assume that? Classic mistake. Someone else was aware of speaking a different language and of translating – like my “publisher”, when I was regressed, there was the present day mixed with the past person. Intriguingly she also talked sometimes about the person as “I” and sometimes “she”. This person had almost nothing to tell beyond an intimate knowledge of the immediate rudimentary shelter in a woods, the nearby river and animal hunting. When I asked her to look in the river and say what she saw – it was a girl in skins, perhaps in Europe and isolated many centuries ago.

I quote these to illustrate that no two PLR sessions – at least for me – are the same. I have also learned from Susan Arrowsmith the dangers of taking a person through the Death Experience: I don’t – on the basis that the last thing I want them to have to do is relive a potentially traumatic incident. I therefore carry any of these learnings which I DO ask people to take with them and resolve any problems in THIS Life which is where it might be affecting them – whether it be Karma or Deja Vu or any sense of anything that needs to be resolved or removed.


I have also done some FLP – which has been popular in the US – in other words Future Life Progression but I find that many people struggle with the idea that time flows forwards as well as backwards – so that is much rarer. It is not fortune telling of future your life now – but gives a glimpse of a possible future life as another future person.

I find the whole subject fascinating and I cannot say what exactly is going on: some cynics just feel it is a kind of Jazz Impro on a Life – in which case I think it could be an excellent diagnostic tool like Free Associating – or is it something recorded in the DNA that you are able to access in Deep Trance, or is it a genuine journey back into the past? I still don’t know.

Some regressions are packed with detail and I try to elicit this as evidence to be researched while some people just prefer a recreational trip back (or forward!). Everyone has a different reason to look for Past Life from recurrent dreams, to unexplained feelings, to psychic certainty that the answer lies back there.

So you make your choice what you believe and what you want – I have facilitated many fascinating past life regressions and healed quite a few mental and physical wounds too. Is it a diagnostic of a problem that comes out as a kind of metaphor? Or is it a completely real phenomenon and we have to work through our blocks and karma?

Whatever it is to you – I do not judge and have always tried to give people the best experience and to heal where necessary.

If you are interested in knowing more – talk to me, email me for a FREE consultation book an individual session or or come to my Trance and Yoga Retreat in Italy July 24th in the Garfagnana Mountains in Tuscany or my workshops at Tree Rooms Centre, Trinity Street Colchester CO1.

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Please indicate your interest by contacting me and I can set up group sessions if I have 5 or more at reasonable cost.

I am happy to regress you personally in Suffolk or Essex at one of my five practices – I don’t charge the Earth because I believe it is a valuable experience – just £65 for up to two hours and an audio CD of the session. I used to video them but hours of people talking and barely moving was just not an added value!

I practice very safe regression – you are in very watchful hands.

I hope that you have found this interesting there are details on individual Past Life Regression sessions on the link.

See you soon!


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