Recreational Hypnosis for Self Development

Why Hypnosis is great for Personal self development and Spiritual growth

Hypnosis is not just for therapy – it is great for that, especially if CBT or Counselling has failed, or you simply want to change something, get rid of a habit, or address an issue. I have found through many years of experience that Hypnosis is also great recreationally and to help develop as a person.

Esoteric Hypnosis and Past Life Regression

Maybe you are interested in getting to that deep state of relaxation where you can explore a Past Life or ask an Inner Adviser / meet a Spirit Guide? I offer workshops for that and am considering a circle similar to one which I was a part of facilitating in Colchester. I also work with one to ones. I have run Spiritual Retreats in Italian Mountains to help train through trance.

I have done many public demonstrations of Deep Trance Work Lucid Dreaming and Automatic Writing and Drawing with Artist Hayley Lock. She is exploring Altered States in her Art.

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Self Healing with Hypnosis

I have worked with a number of people with Cancer regular Headaches and Strokes. All of these had been through exhaustive tests and treatments and I worked in a Complementary way with the Specialist or Doctor to help stimulate self healing and a confidence in getting better.

A Man came to me after 10 years of headaches every day. Nothing could be found that was wrong physiologically so the Doctor and Specialist suggested working with a Hypnotherapist.

We established that he was looking for the Pain and amplifying it and I taught him how to alter his perception of pain and turn it down.

Pain Management and Self Healing with Autogenic Methods

A Top Medical Specialist had had a stroke which had left him with a frozen and very painful left side. We explored autogenic healing to not only alleviate the Pain but get some movement going again. The theory is that his Right Side knew how to teach the Left side to go back to some semblance of movement. The Brain has a plasticity and can burn new Neural pathways and it seems that this worked for him to reduce his pain by changing his perception of pain and use the body / mind intelligence to teach the left hand side how to get moving again. I am not promising miracles – but it helped this person.

Accessing your Inner Genius

Hypnotic Trance goes all the way back to the Shaman or Temple Priest and has helped many access their inner genius or the collective unconscious or spirit … Deep Trance can also induce hallucinations or altered states. Safely handled it is a very interesting experience. Hayley Lock the Artist and I have done a great deal of work mining this area.

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Self Hypnosis and Trance for Personal and Spiritual Self Development in Ipswich Suffolk and Colchester Essex