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Harley Street Hypnotherapist in Colchester ESSEX and Hadleigh and Ipswich Suffolk – MINDFUL Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming

Welcome to Edge of the World Hypnotherapy and NLP in Ipswich Suffolk and Hypnotherapy in Central Colchester Essex with Hypnosis clinics in Hadleigh IP7 and Central Ipswich Suffolk IP4 and The Tree Room Centre, 12 Trinity St,  Colchester ESSEX CO1 1JR

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DISCLAIMER: Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy and should not be considered a replacement for Medically advised treatments and results can vary from person to person. I have many years experience and will tailor my approach to your requirements. Working together means that the chances of a successful outcome are greater. 
Graham Howes Hypnotherapy in Colchester and Ipswich

What is Hypnotherapy?

I believe in working WITH my clients using all of my experience and knowledge of Hypnotherapy Mindfulness and NLP techniques in a gentle and relaxing way – you are aware at all times and will find the therapy gently relaxing – there is more on the use of Hypnosis on the bottom of the Home page – below is a list of treatments which is not an exhaustive list please contact me for a FREE no obligation chat on how I can help you – there is a contact form email or phone or mobile number – just let me know a name number and times to call and I will give you a call.

Hypnosis is NOT about Mind Control by me but about you learning specific mindful skills that utilise natural abilities that you already have – everyone can be hypnotised if they are willing to be hypnotised!

You are in and out of trance all day – you just don’t know it! Have you tried to talk to someone texting, watching a great Movie or Sports event, an Athlete getting in the Zone or a Business Person with a deadline – they are all in the enhanced state of focus that we call trance! You are not asleep – you are very very focussed!

Trance is relaxing calming and a very useful skill to have – a diver client has expanded the time he can spend underwater using trance, another had an operation that would normally have terrified him. A lady client got over her severe fear of heights where she couldn’t even cross a bridge without vertigo – to go on Holiday and go up a Mountain in a chairlift, strap herself to an instructor, and paraglide down the Mountain- I only asked her to test it in a small way! She then went white water rafting!

My clients have got MINDFUL control of their weight or stopped smoking, moved beyond trauma, controlled panic attacks and anxiety and stress, stopped fearing spiders or flying or needles, given birth with less pain and aggravation, become participants in recovery from Cancer rather than victims of it, moved on from Depression, got more confident, passed exams and tests – my testimonials are all genuine and I really believe Hypnotism is a force for good! Why not have a FREE chat?

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Who am I?

I am Graham Howes, an ex Harley Street Hypnotherapist with Hypnotherapy clinics in Colchester Essex and Hadleigh and Ipswich Suffolk.

I am GHR registered and GHSC regulated and also CNHC approved. I am very dedicated to help you find a solution. I am a leading expert in Hypnotherapy NLP and Hypnosis treatments for  Weight Loss Hypnosis and Obesity and other issues like depression, panic attacks, fear of flying, spider phobia, anxiety, work related stress and stop smoking for good. I am a Hypnotic Gastric Band Hypnotherapy specialist using the hypno gastric band hypnosis 4 part weight loss course. If you are looking for hypnotism from an experienced hypnotist speak to me or text or email me for a free no obligation phone consultation in total confidence.
I have also trained with a Combat Veteran for PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Help offered for Actor, Singer, Dancer and Performer problems, I am an actor writer and director with over 30 years experience – so I can help with stage fright, audition confidence, learning lines, confidence and I can also offer acting tuition and getting in to Acting courses.
For businesses I can offer Business Hypnotherapy for HR offering group sessions to stop smoking, losing weight, work related stress and help with confidence issues using NLP and Hypnosis techniques. Some US employees are suing their employers for not having stress reduction techniques available – does your company have a stress policy in place? I can help you with work related stress and anxiety as well as helping you close that sale with confidence – FREE Demo for HR Directors.
Feel free to get in contact for a quote or any further information – call and leave name and number for a FREE telephone consultation on one of the methods further below or use this form

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Email: grahamahowes@me.com

Hypnotherapy Services include:
Hypnotherapy treatments using Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Hypnoanalysis and NLP can help with a vast range of issues – available in the  COLCHESTER ESSEX and Central Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk area:  

Stop Smoking Hypnosis
Weight Loss Hypnotherapy
Hypno Gastric Band for Obesity Hypnosis – Virtual Gastric Band
Alcohol Reliance and Gambling Addiction
Anxiety and Stress Issues

Hypnotherapy for IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Sleep Problems – Insomnia
Work Related Stress

Make that Sale – Public Speaking and Presentations – I have worked in Sales and have 35 years experience as Actor Teacher Director

Medical Conditions like Cancer Stroke Trich Chrons

Panic Attacks
Sexual and Physical Abuse Trauma
Confidence and Low Self Esteem
Fear of Flying

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

Moving on from past trauma: Domestic Abuse, Sexual Abuse Physical Abuse
Past Life Regression
Hypnosis for Phobia – Spider Phobia Claustrophobia Agoraphobia

Needle phobia

Hypnotherapy for FearFear of Heights etc

Fear of Vomiting or Anxiety over Toilet issues

Hypnotic Gastric Mind band
Social Anxiety and lack of Self Confidence
Issues holding you back

Exam Nerves
Past Life Regression
Inner Child Healing
Regression to Cause
Lose Weight Hypnosis without dieting or slimming
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD
Relationship Problems
Low Self Esteem

Sexual Dysfunction that is non organic – Virtual Viagra, Anorgasmia, Erectile Dysfunction and more ..

Moving beyond Marijuana Coke and Heroin – learn how to reduce or stop dependence on “wacky baccy” or Drugs by recreating the state at will

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DISCLAIMER: Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy and should not be considered a replacement for Medically advised treatments and results can vary from person to person.

Hypnosis for Creative people

Sports Psychology – Archery Boxing Golf Tennis and moreget beyond blocks and enhance performance

Dog agility and Horse Riding Confidence – we all know how nerves or lack of confidence or fear transmits to your Horse or Dog – learn how to still those nerves and increase confidence and overcome obstacle and blocks

Expert Help with Audition and Job Interview Confidence
Actor and Singer and Performer issues
Improve your Sport with self hypnotism and Sports Psychology Hypnosis
Learn Self Hypnosis and how to reprogram your mind

Business to Business

Visiting Onsite or at One of my Clinics in Suffolk and Essex or by Skype

After 35 years as an Actor Director Teacher Sales person Trainer Harley Street Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner – I can make your company more productive

Work Place Stress –

One of the biggest reasons for Absenteeism and Sickness or even Death – in the US you are expected to have strategies for stress and some companies have been sued as a result of not paying sufficient attention to Stress in the Workplace.

Make Hypnotherapy and NLP part of the solution. There are effective tools to significantly reduce stress and offer other solutions to work place issues. I have coached high flying individuals and entrepreneurs to perform better and get beyond any blocks in Business or Life I offer a FREE demo to HR Directors. I have Breadth and Depth of experience to help you. Business Hypnotherapy and NLP
The Stress Management Society reports: “Did you know that one in five people say they are stressed at work? And our research shows that this figure is on the increase.
It’s very important to deal with workplace stress. There are laws and guidelines from government on this issue, and increasingly employees take companies to court if they have not taken these responsibilities seriously.
So do you know what your company should be doing to comply, or how to deal with tension in your company?

Self confidence and Panic attacks – Hypnotherapy will give you tools to deal with these problems. The same hypnosis tools work well for Social Anxiety or Phobia or fear of flying.
stressed businessman1

Smoking or Weight Issues like Obesity

I am an acknowledged Weight Loss expert I can run group Weight Loss for your Company – including Hypno Gastric Virtual Gastric Band in the case of Obesity.

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

I can also run Quit Smoking Groups or work with Individuals to Stop Smoking – have you totted up how many hours of Productivity are lost to smoking? The figure might frighten you!

Public Speaking / Presentations / Confidence / Selling

I trained a telemarketing team at the Barbican Arts Centre to sell subscriptions – I have worked for Cap Gemini, Compaq, Xenofile Techical Translation, Instruction Set and many more! I have over 35 years as an Actor Director Teacher – you learn and earn confidence!

HYPNOTHERAPY IN BUSINESS – more on Business Hypnosis and NLP here

Graham Howes Hypnotherapy in Business in Ipswich, Hadleigh in Suffolk  or Colchester Essex or onsite or by Skype

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Contact me for a FREE no obligation consultation on the phone – leave name number and times to call on one of the following below:

Call: 01473 879561 Text or Call: 07875720623
Email: grahamahowes@me.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Edge-of-the-World-Hypnotherapy-and-NLP/219395702136
Twitter: @grammyhowes

More Hypnotherapy treatments and information on my other Website: http://hypnotherapyinsuffolk.co.uk
Hypnotherapy Treatments using Hypnosis Hypnoanalysis and NLP from Hypnotherapist Graham Howes ASHPH GQHP GHR GHSC CNHC
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Also Actor Teacher Writer and Theatre Director in Ipswich SUFFOLK

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Edge of the World Hypnotherapy Graham Howes ex Harley Street Hypnotherapist provides Hypnosis and NLP clinics using Mindful Hypnotherapy throughout IPSWICH, Hadleigh, Suffolk, Colchester Essex, Specialising in Gastric Band Hypnosis in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk, Gastric Band Hypnotherapy in Colchester Essex.


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