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Hypnotherapy Hypnosis and NLP in Ipswich Suffolk

Graham Howes Hypnotherapist in Ipswich Suffolk

I am Graham Howes and I have been your local Hypnotherapist serving Ipswich Suffolk since 2007 previously offering Hypnotherapy and NLP in Harley Street London W1 and the Jerwood Dance House Dance East Ipswich

I offer a broad range of help using hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming from my private clinic in LACEY STREET IPSWICH.

I am an experienced Hypnotherapist and offer a caring compassionate and bespoke Hypnotherapy and NLP service in Ipswich Suffolk. I am regulated by the GHSC and on the professional register at the GHR and am recognised by the Gold Standard of the CHNC.

Please see my Hypnotherapy Treatments page for more details on the range of Hypnotherapy Treatments available.

DISCLAIMER: Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy and should not be considered a replacement for Medically advised treatments and results can vary from person to person.


CNHC Approved

Landline: 01473 879561 Text or Call: 07875720623

Email: grahamahowes@me.com

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss – Stop Dieting .. Start Living – Hypno Gastric Band Hypnosis for BMI over 28, Stop Smoking, Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks, Insomnia, Depression, PTSD, Trauma, Fear, Phobia, Cancer, Stroke and more …

Hypnosis In Ipswich Suffolk

71 Lacey Street


Suffolk IP4 2PH

Landline: 01473 879561 Text or Call: 07875720623


Landline: 01473 879561 Text or Call: 07875720623

Email: grahamahowes@me.com

Hypnosis in Lacey Street Ipswich

Key areas of Hypnotherapy that I work in are:

•    Stopping smoking
•    Weight control, including hypno gastric band hypnosis for obesity
•    Anxiety
•    Work related and other stress
•    Depression
•    Childbirth
•    Panic attacks
•    Fears and phobias
•    Self confidence
•    Cancer and Strokes
•    Pain relief
•    Trauma: Sex and Domestic and Psychological abuse and PTSD

I can help with many psychological issues – call me in confidence for a free assessment

Call Landline: 01473 879561 Text or Call: 07875720623

How I work with you

I strongly believe in working with clients, using all of my years of experience and knowledge of hypnosis and NLP techniques, in a gentle and relaxing way – you are aware at all times of what is happening and I am unable to make you do anything you don’t want to do – hypnotherapy is a permissive state.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis might seem like something you don’t know anything about, but you are in and out of a hypnotic state when you “get lost” in a book, a great sports event or film or TV event.

Hypnotic trance is a natural state of mentally focussing, which makes it easy to communicate ideas to the part of the mind that helps make changes in your thoughts, feelings and habits. Jessica Ennis gets “into the zone” – which is an example of mentally focussing. It’s hard to make changes when you are combating your own habits in a conscious state – it is easy when the behind the scenes subconscious is contacted and allowed to try new scenarios.

The unconscious or subconscious is also the part of the mind that influences various physiological systems, like your nervous and digestive systems.

Hypnosis is nothing to worry about

“All hypnosis is self-hypnosis” – you can’t be hypnotised against your will, and most people can be hypnotised because it’s actually a skill that they already possess.

My job is to make appropriate suggestions based around our conversation, and identification of what we need to change, and then give you tools to make things better using mindfulness and other strategies.

What does a hypnotic trance feel like?

A mindful hypnotic state just feels very relaxing – like lying on a beach or sitting in a garden with nothing to do except daydream and no – one bothering you.

You are aware of your surroundings and you are not giving me control – because you are learning control. You are in charge – you are just understanding how to make the changes that you want with my help. So this means that you can leave the restrictions and habits and traumas of the past behind

How can I find out more?

Free analysis and treatment plan – call me for a FREE consultation and to learn more about hypnosis, hypnoanalysis and clinical hypnotherapy please call Graham on Landline: 01473 879561

Email grahamahowes@me.com

Let me know your name, phone number and when to call

Hypnotherapy practices is in Ipswich IP4 and on Sundays in Hadleigh in Suffolk

If you are interested there is more on Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and NLP and Hypnotic Phenomena below or for a list of Hypnotherapy Treatments click this light blue link

hypnosis with Hayley

Hypnotism with Artist Hayley Lock at the Spike Island Art Gallery Bristol

A few testimonials – more on my Hypnotherapy Testimonials page

On Thursday, 3 April 2014 20:45, Carol Barrett wrote:
Dear Graham,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Graham is a very friendly and engaging man, who puts you at ease as soon as you meet him. I have been in a group past life regression session that Graham held and his skill and knowledge on the workings of the mind made it a safe and very enjoyable experience. I look forward to working with Graham again in the future.”


“My Gastric Band Hypnotherapy was so much easier then I thought, I almost instantly felt motivated and wanted to change the way I eat, A month later I still keep a food diary, go for long walks and enjoy eating the better food! I’m so pleased with my weight loss so far, of 13 pounds after four weeks, and would recommend it to anyone” Ms H E Ipswich Suffolk

More on Hypnosis:


When you are in a relaxed state suggestions tend to be more readily accepted by your subconscious – which operates behind the scenes – but only if those suggestions are beneficial and acceptable to you. Contrary to myth, you CANNOT be hypnotised into doing things against your will. No-one can force you into a trance! What happens is that you give permission and then allow yourself to be guided into a mindful relaxation and a very focussed state of awareness. So because this is a something that you are learning to do, with my help, you’re always in control.  If stage hypnotists really could make people do things against their will wouldn’t they all be rich and living on Tropical Islands?

You have the power to make the beneficial changes in your life that you want utilising your own mind, learning alternative approaches and useful tools which are under your control.  The hypnotherapist is a facilitator to help you learn how to make beneficial changes. If you can learn to drive a car you can learn how to use self hypnosis to your own benefit!

Hypnotist Graham Howes using Hypnosis combined with Neuro Linguistic Programming to help you make the changes that you want and move forward free of the habits addictions and traumas of the past.

 Hypnotherapy Services

Hypnotherapy treatments can help with a range of issues:

Clickable links in blue will take you to that page – more as pages are developed

Stop Smoking

Weight Loss

Hypno Gastric Band for Obesity

Alcohol Reliance and Gambling Addiction and other addictions

Anxiety and Stress Issues

Sleep Problems – Insomnia resolved

Work Related Stress

Medical Conditions

Panic Attacks

Sexual and Physical Abuse

Confidence and Low Self Esteem


Fear of Flying

Learning to move on from past traumas

Past Life Regression

Hypnosis for Phobias

Hypnotist for Fears


Graham Howes ASHPH GQHP GHR registered GHSC regulated Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP

Hypnotherapy Clinic IN 71 Lacey Street Ipswich Suffolk IP4 – Hypnosis and NLP in Ipswich

Private Hypnotherapy clinic in Lacey Street IP4 from Harley Street Hypnotherapist Graham Howes – BOOK NOW

71 Lacey Street



Landline: 01473 879561 Text or Call: 07875720623

Email: grahamahowes@me.com

Hypnosis Hypnotherapy and NLP from Hypnotherapist Graham Howes in Ipswich Suffolk

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