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Hypnotherapy in Hadleigh Suffolk to Stop Smoking, Hyonosis in Hadleigh for Weight Control, Hypno Gastric Band Hypnosis for “Obesity” in Hadleigh, Anxiety, Work Related Stress, Depression, Childbirth, Panic Attacks, Fear and Phobia, Self Confidence, Cancer and Pain Relief and other Psychological Matters.

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I have been the resident hypnotherapist at French Complexion Hadleigh Suffolk since 2007 offering treatments with hypnosis and NLP.

Hypnotherapy in Hadleigh Suffolk on Sundays: I worked in Harley Street London as a Hypnotherapist but moved to Manningtree on the Suffolk Essex border and developed 4 Hypnosis and NLP practices here and recently added online Skype sessions with clients in Spain Italy USA and many other parts of the UK.

I very much care for my clients and we work together – hypnosis is a permissive state and utilises natural states of consciousness – so anyone can be hypnotised if they will allow it. Trance is a skill like driving a car that you learn – which actually gives YOU control where you may have felt out of control.

I do not control you! You learn control.

How many sessions would I need?

On average you will probably have made the changes that you want in three sessions – but it depends what you want to do – a typical session with me is ninety minutes of counselling and treatment. See below for more on this or skip to the treatments page or book yourself a FREE no obligation consultation in confidence. All treatments are in strictest confidence and you are aware of what is happening – if by chance I suggest anything that doesn’t sit well with you you will ignore it. I cannot make you do something you don’t want to do – this is about empowering you to do what you want to do.


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What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is something that you do naturally when you focus on a book, great sports event or film or TV event – or simply when you really concentrate and get in the zone as a Sports person or Performer – Hypnotic Trance is a natural state of mentally focussing in which makes it easy to communicate ideas to the part of the mind that helps make changes in your thoughts, your feelings and habits that may have helped you cope with Life – it is also the part of the mind that influences various physiological systems, such as the nervous system and digestive system.

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The brain has different levels of alertness: ranging from fully alert to drowsy, to fully asleep, with variations in between. These different levels of consciousness can be mapped by brain wave activity and have been seen on equipment designed to detect brain wave activity.

When the brain is calm it produces alpha waves. Scientists and theoreticians believe the subconscious mind is more accessible when the brain produces alpha waves, because the “conscious” mind which filters and directs reactions is more relaxed. Suggestions can then be given to great therapeutic effect. Self-hypnosis is the deliberate induction of this altered state of awareness. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis – you cannot be hypnotised against your will, and the vast majority can be hypnotised because this is a skill that they already have – my job is to make appropriate suggestions and give you tools to make things better.

Being in an hypnotic state just feels very relaxing and comfortable – like lying on a beach with nothing to do and no one to bother you – or having a nice warm soak in the bath – you are completely alert and aware of your surroundings and you are NOT giving me control – you are learning control. You are always in control – you are just learning HOW to make the changes that you want utilising hypnosis and NLP.


When you are relaxed suggestions tend to be more readily accepted – but only if those suggestions are beneficial and acceptable to you. Contrary to myth, you CANNOT be hypnotised into doing things against your will. No one can force you into a trance!What happens is that you give permission and allow yourself to be guided into relaxation and a very focussed state of awareness. So because this is a something that you are learning to do, with my help, you’re always in control. If stage hypnotists really could make people do things against their will wouldn’t they all be living in rich idleness without having to go on stage? If hypnosis really controlled people against their will – why are there any criminals – why not simply hypnotise them to stop criminal activity!

You have the power to make the beneficial changes in your life that you want utilising your own mind, learning alternative approaches and useful tools which are under your control. The hypnotherapist is a facilitator to help you learn how to make beneficial changes. If you can learn to drive a car you can learn how to use self hypnosis to your own benefit!

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis enables a very comfortable and relaxed state and you are in a state of heightened awareness and can talk to your hypnotherapist. It is the the techniques and language used within hypnosis and useful approaches such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (as used by Paul McKenna) that do the work which is the hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy fals under the bracket of “talking therapy” similar to and utilising many of the same methods as counselling, psychology, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, hypnoanalysis, inner child therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

As a professionally trained hypnotherapist I use the appropriate tools to help clients look at a problem from a different viewpoint.

A good proportion of the healing takes place outside of hypnosis while we determine the best way to tackle your particular problem area and often people report feeling a whole lot better from even a confidential consultation because it’s therapeutic to talk and have someone listen who is outside of the problem and has both a professional ear and a great deal of common sense!

Hypnotherapy for Habits Fears Phobias and Insecurities Tests Exams Public Speaking insomnia Nail biting

This hypnotherapy treatment involves relaxation, and taking in, beneficial suggestions. Hypnotherapy with NLP and other appropriate approaches works well for stopping smoking with my “Quit Smoking for Good without Weight Gain” course, work related stress, spider and needle phobia and other phobias, general fears like flying or heights, and general nervousness – public speaking, exams, driving test, and more – nail biting, weight control, and many problems with sleeping although your first port of call should always be your Doctor to ensure there are no underlying problems.

Generally between three and four sessions are needed – for instance .. current research indicates that three sessions are best for quitting smoking to stay stopped. My sessions are 90 minutes and I charge by the session and not by the hour. We work together to make progress.

Hypnoanalysis and Reframing plus Timeline and Inner Child Healing with NLP

Hypnoanalysis, is similar to psychoanalysis, which aims to find and remove the underlying original cause of fears and phobias, wel embedded problems with food/eating/weight and eating disorders, emotional problems, difficulties with relationships, lack of confidence, anger, road rage, or nerves while driving or flying, claustrophobia, insomnia ( only after you have checked for physiological issues with a Health Professional), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (ditto please see a Doctor first!), low self esteem, depression, PTSD and most other mind-related problems. Hypnoanalysis is a form of regression therapy whereby the subconscious can safely revisit the past traumatic events and reframe them in a more useful, positive way. Within this there are other techniques such as NLP, Timeline, Inner Child Healing. You will be able to say: “yes to today” and “that was yesterday”.

Generally, between three to six sessions will effectively relieve the symptoms. It is completely confidential and individual, one-to-one form of therapy. I am bound in the strongest terms NOT to reveal a confidence by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and I am registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register to maintain Professional standards and approved by the Government initiative for Complementary Therapy the CNHC. I will work with you using only the therapy that is right for you, and agreed with you.

Hypnotherapy is a Complementary Therapy

Hypnotherapy is a tried and tested therapeutic technique which goes back to Egyptian and Greek Dream Temples and way beyond that! It is recognised by many branches of orthodox medicine as a valuable alternative to drugs and anaesthesia, and to accelerate healing. In 1955 the British Medical Association issued a report stating that hypnosis was a valuable medical tool. In 1958 the American Medical Association recognised hypnosis as a viable scientific modality, and in 1962 the American Psychiatric Association recognised that hypnosis was useful to treat some psychological problems – although it was used well before that by Freud and many others! Before that there was Mesmer – from where we get Mesmerism – who had no clue what was really effective and accidentally and inexplicable many people got better who had tried everything else! So extraordinary was his success rate that a French Committee was formed to examine it which had on it Benjamin Franklin and a Monsieur Guillotine (who was a Doctor opposed to Exeecution and when his opposition failed invented a Humane Method of execution named after him!) James Braid an English Doctor coined the term “Hypnosis” after the Greek word for sleep and realising it was not really “sleep” he tried to re – christen it as monoideism – suffice to say hypnosis stuck!

More evidence exists from scientific randomised controlled trials of hypnotherapy than any other complementary therapy! There is some in my Hypnotherapy Blog if you are interested: ABOUT HYPNOTHERAPY BLOG

Hypnotherapy is an invaluable aid in reducing anxiety and stress, one of the leading causes of sickness in the modern world. It is a very effective treatment method for a great many issues where psychological factors are involved.

Hypnosis is a complementary therapy, rather than an alternative therapy. It should never be used in place of conventional medicine for physical ailments. However, it can be very effective when used in a complementary way to medical interventions medicine, with the knowledge and consent of your doctor. For instance Professor LG Walker at Hull University improved the survival and recovery of Cancer and Aids patients in double bind trials where some had treatment and NO HYPNOTHERAPY and the others had identical appropriate treatments WITH HYPNOTHERAPY. The latter group were by far the greater healers and lived longer than the other group. Hypnosis also helps with Pain Relief. There is more on both these topics on my Hypno Cancer Relief and Pain Relief page

NB: Hypnosis is widely used in pain relief, Dentists always used to have it as part of their training, but as pain is often there for a medical reason, a doctor should be consulted before using any form of complementary therapy to treat pain.

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I also maintain Clinics in Ipswich Suffolk and Colchester Essex. Formerly Hypnotherapist at Manningtree Essex.

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A few testimonials there are more on my Hypnotherapy Testimonials page

“My Gastric Band Hynotherapy was so much easier then I thought, I almost instantly felt motivated and wanted to change the way I eat, A month later I still keep a food diary, go for long walks and enjoy eating the better food! I’m so pleased with my weight loss so far, of 13 pounds after four weeks, and would recommend it to anyone” Ms H E Ipswich Suffolk

“Hi Graham
It’s been a few weeks now since I last saw you. Thought I’d let you know that all’s going to plan. I’m still listening to the CD’s, not everyday but when I can. I’m still keeping a food diary and the books that you recommend have been very good. Particularly the ‘Eat Less’ one that seems to talk to me. From time to time whilst I’m reading it I found myself say ‘Ah but’ only to find the response to what I’m thinking is in the next few lines. Spooky. Another spooky thing that happened, it has made me realise that the Hypnotism worked – I have consciously decreased portion sizes and now consciously eat and look for more nutritious way of eating, never being quite sure how much influence the hypnotism has had, then I was out last Thursday night at a Harvester, I conscientiously went for all the healthiest options and my dinner arrived. I had planned to eat the lot, after all it was OK for me to do that, I had planned it and then half way through I found myself saying ‘I’m full up and I don’t want any more’ and for probably the first time ever in a restaurant it was really ok for me to leave half, I was satisfied I wasn’t telling myself to be good, I genuinely wanted the healthy food options and was genuinely happy not to clear the plate, I knew at that moment that it is the hypnotism working at a sub conscious level and not me telling myself consciously what to do because I was aware I was thinking how much I wanted to carry on eating but it was OK not to. It’s 6 weeks since I first came to you, I usually lose interest in ‘diets’ after 6 weeks but find myself totally committed to carry on . I have lost 17 1/2lbs to date and I am totally confident that my weight will continue to fall. I still find it difficult not to make weight loss the target, so concentrate very much on food on a day to day basis. Hope you are keeping well, are as busy as you want to be and that you find the feed back interesting, it’s so nice not to be on a diet and still be losing weight.”
Take Care JB” Hadleigh Suffolk

“Hi Graham just to let you know that I am progressing well and am finally back at work now and feeling so much better. Thank you so much for your help”. RF Frinton for work related stress and severe anxiety

“I’ve been out more in last three weeks than I have in last three years, I’ve made some people very happy and my self, want to thank graham my hypnotherapy man , can’t thank you enough —If anyone is interested in hypnotherapy for smoking, weight loss, anxiety panic and other things pls in box graham as tagged In this post, he has given me my life back , A life I thought I’d never have again, from not going out for sometimes weeks and full of panic , which in the end I just excepted and thought I’d be like it for life,, and just became the norm for me, but after finding what path we needed to go down we got there in the end , again thank you so much” — LB Manningtree Essex

“Hi Graham
The session CD you did is awesome and the first time I tried unaided sleep last night I used your CD, I remember the whole CD but the rest was history. I got up it was dark, I was worried it was only 11. It was 7am YAY Well done Graham. So I will need another Session Soon. Just to let you know you are well worth your money. I also feel more positive as this is the time it should be worse … [but] I’m back on my feet”… SH Hypnotherapy Client in Manningtree for Insomnia

“I came to you for a fear of heights so bad that I could not cross the bridge from the car park to the Mercury Theatre Colchester without vertigo. I have just returned from Holiday – I got on the chairlift and had a few qualms but did what you taught me and at the top of the Mountain was strapped to an Instructor and paraglided down the Mountain which was really exhilarating. I was so pleased with myself I went white water rafting!” Client at Frinton on Sea Essex

“I used your services by Skype … because here in Spain I am well known as a Complementary Therapist and was embarrassed to be a secret smoker. I quit smoking in one session – which I never thought possible – and in the two other sessions you addressed some long held issues with great compassion and clarity. I now feel free.” Client in Spain for Quit Smoking

“I am calling to thank you so much for your help. I have now passed the exams that I repeatedly failed due to nerves – even though I was fully capable of passing and had done the work. If I had failed this time I would not have qualified as a Teacher. I am without any doubt that it is entirely through you help that I passed and I am extremely grateful. ” Newly Qualified Teacher Ipswich Suffolk

Edge of the World Hypnotherapy and NLP in Hadleigh in Suffolk, and Ipswich Suffolk and COLCHESTER Essex – specialising in Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Panic Attacks, Quit Smoking with Hypnosis, Gastric Band Hypnosis, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, PTSD, trauma, pain, hypnotism for illness, Confidence, low self esteem, Social Phobia and more

Business to Business Hypnotherapy offers group sessions to stop smoking, losing weight, work related stress and help with confidence issues using NLP and Hypnosis techniques.

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Prices range depending on the service, I can also do home visits for a slightly extra cost:

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I have many years experience, including Harley Street, and yes – hypnotherapy does work for many things! Call me or email me in confidence to see if hypnotherapy and NLP can work for you.

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