Hypnosis for Gambling

Are you a Gambler addicted to Gambling?

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I am of the belief that repeating over and over that you are an “addict” reinforces the notion that recovery from so called addiction to gambling is next to impossible. Gambling is a habit that you learned in response to certain situations and the craving to gamble is often related to the short term buzz or relief felt for the gambler from stress or anxiety or boredom or just looking for the next fix. Some believe that the next time they will win big.

If you can take or leave Gambling then you are not an addict in my opinion. If there are times when you can leave it alone for whatever reason then you can learn to extend that to completely leaving it alone or at least managing the habit. If you can do without a bet then you can manage control of the betting habit more long term – or even forget it. If you find that you cannot do without betting then you may have a Gambling Problem.

Gambling is a form of Hypnotic Trance

How often when gambling did you find yourself floating into an altered state .. absolutely fixated on the outcome .. convinced that THIS would be the time when you would win big? Does it excite or tranquillise – or both? I think that Gamblers are hypnotised and that my job is to de-hypnotise them.

I heard from a Las Vegas Professional Gambler who said that you could comfortably assume that anyone who would bet you for large stakes, on something that seemed like a sure thing, would almost certainly win against you!

Legend has it that there was a man who would sit in a Las Vegas Hotel and bet Gamblers that he could throw a key over his shoulder into a large lock behind him 2 times out of 3. My informant said that if he was willing to gamble on this then he could certainly do it – and probably 3 out of 3 times – or there would be some kind of Psychological trick similar to so many Bar room tricks!

The Chance of you winning the Lottery is the equivalent of standing blindfolded in the middle of a football pitch with a pin between finger and thumb. An ant is then released and you have to drop the pin and hit the ant. Statistically eventually you might hit the ant …

Winning at Online Gambling is probably as likely as ringing a random phone number in Vancouver and hoping to find Jane Smith.

We know the House always wins bets! You will not be the exception. A colleague of mine used to win on the horses but always bet small amounts and always just ahead: he was a Book Keeper’s son and he knew racing like no other and you might say almost say had inside knowledge – yet even HE could not win big and, if he had won large bets regularly, he knew he would have been banned from betting.

FOBT gambling machines are probably the most hypnotic and you are most likely to lose high amounts – they are also very addictive. They are essentially random there is NO real pattern so you are most unlikely to win most of the time. Hypnotherapy can help free the addiction.

Hypnotherapy and NLP for freeing yourself from Gambling

You created the habit and you can destroy it using the same process by which you hypnotised yourself into becoming dependent on Gambling.

Whether it is online gambling, horse racing, fruit machine addiction, card games, casino gambling, or bets on sports events – you can lose big or become a winner and spend all that money that you wasted in the past on something useful or pleasurable in your life.

When you have lost your House or found yourself in deep financial trouble this is the time to stop gambling. So if Gamblers Anonymous is not for you then talk to me to see if this helps you.

I can help you find strategies to defeat Gambling so called Addiction. I have worked with many Gamblers and helped them move beyond the habit of Gambling. Gambling addresses some need but now is the time to find an alternative that is not harmful to you and your Family.

The alternatives are stark – don’t leave it until you are in serious financial difficulty or relationship crisis – the time to seek help is when  you find it difficult to stop gambling and you know that you should quit gambling now.

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Gambling Problem by Carl D’Agostino Images may be subject to copyright.

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