How I installed iOS 9.3.1 without issue (Metaphor for Life)

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My Cousin had issues with iOS – the 9.3 update on his iPhone. His browser simply stopped functioning.

He had my sympathy: I had installed El Presidente on my Mac Mini the moment it was available. My Email stopped working!

So when iOS 9.3 became available after extensive beta testing I waited. Apple Allen my compadre and local Apple Mac guru had lambasted me for the El Presidente error. Me of all people! Yes he was right .. it keeps him in Business! “NEVER install .0 of ANYTHING always wait for .1!” His words ringing in my ears. But he is right!

Years ago I installed Windows 3.0 and suffered the then institutional arrogance of Microsoft as they blamed all errors or bugs on the user. It took forever for Windows 3.1 to arrive and the “blue screen of death” became, at least, less regular.

The computer still crashed, usually in the middle of something important, but at least it was less frequent. These days with a considerable experience under their belt, or using the Apple approach you keep a grip on the Hardware so you don’t try to serve every variant of a computer, then you see less and less “bugs”. Bugs are errors in programming that lead to computers cashing or not working in the most useful way.

The term “bug” comes from Grace Poole. She was a Computer Engineer back in the days when the largely mechanical computer filled a warehouse. One day the Computer was not working as it should. She searched and searched and found that one of the electrical relays had squashed a bug which prevented it closing thus affecting the whole computer’s ability to function well.

Hypnotherapy colleagues will recognise the hoary old chestnut by now! Some of us have used this as a metaphor to help our clients understand why they are having challenges that seem insurmountable.


I had a client not long ago – a 96 year old Woman. Her very real problem was that she would, in the middle of the night, seemingly wake up and throw herself physically out of bed and scream obscenities at intruders. She was physically hurting herself with this action. Additionally she was embarrassed because usually she did not swear! Her husband said that she seemed to have her eyes open and awake.

I assured her that she had not lost the plot. That this was actually dodgy programming. She was unconsciously trying to address something. We had to find out what that something was and address these “night terrors.”

I had seen this before in a Young Woman who hallucinated a river running under her bed. She would stand there with her eyes wide open convinced there was a river in the room. Her partner learned to get towels from the bathroom and gently suggest that the flow was stopped. In the morning she would often not recall this.

It seemed like Hypnagogia. Wikipedia talks of the symptoms being:

“Transition to and from sleep may be attended by a wide variety of sensory experiences. These can occur in any modality, individually or combined, and range from the vague and barely perceptible to vivid hallucinations.”

These hallucinations may be auditory, physical, visual, or involve taste or smell. A person may feel that they are held down. They might hear loud bangs or people talking. They might see vivid and very real visions. For her it was intruders in the house.

With this lady the approach that worked best with testing was to address anxiety and stress and help her reprogram the way she went to sleep. We also addressed some childhood issues. I taught her a “going to sleep routine” I gave her an understanding of the phenomenon and gave her strategies to address stress and anxiety. The phenomenon stopped.

This seems to hold true of many situations and challenges so this is just one example or rooting out dodgy programming of oneself and finding a better software upgrade with the help of the Hypnotherapist and NLP or other Practitioner.

My iPad is running more smoothly and seems fairly issue free so far. I tend to work with clients through a course. I have a lot of experience in cases such as weight loss, the hypno gastric band, trauma, anxiety, stress and panic and other areas so we START at the 0.1 version of the software and enhance it as issues emerge. Sometimes a client will come to me with some rare variant or unusual combinations of problems and we will work together to find an approach that works.

An example of the latter was a Senior Medical Doctor who asked me to work with him and his Specialist. He had a Stroke. His left hand side was not very usable and extremely painful. He described it as being: “Like standing Naked in an Arctic Gale!”

It took a while but we found that for him imagining turning down the pain on a dial and turning up the healing helped with the level of pain. We found that visualising warmth travelling down the left side also seemed to help. We utilised something called autogenic healing. I suggested that his right hand side could remember what to do and could teach his left hand side how to burn new neurology to repair the left hand side.

When we decided that he was on the right route: he had control of his pain with minimal drugs for pain relief (before .. morphine had barely touched it!). He also had some limited movement.

What we do is complementary to other interventions but I believe that we truly can assist the healing process and move beyond habits addictions or challenges.

So if you are interested in exploring how your subconscious / unconscious software can be updated – talk to me!

Graham Howes Advanced Hypnotherapist in Colchester Essex and Ipswich Suffolk

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