What to do when your Gastric Band is Failing

What to do when the Gastric Band is Failing to Curb Obesity

I have had an influx of people, classified with obesity, who have had a real Gastric Band fitted. They have had the Bariatric Surgery but are sadly still trying to over eat.

The problem is that it usually works when you put the physical intervention of a Gastric Band or a Gastric Bypass etc BUT if the patient did not deal with WHY they overeat then they will often be in a worse position! They will crave to overeat … but the Gastric Band, at least in most cases, stops them from doing that. So what do they do if they crave to eat? They get creative.


The Band has little impact if they are a Sugar Addict or simply need the tranquilliser of Binge or Comfort Eating or Grazing!

Clients have admitted blitzing food in a liquidiser to get past the system. Puréed Fish and Chips anyone? And sugar is not affected by the Band! So the weight stays on and the addiction to eating to feel comfortable.

How Hypnosis NLP and Hypnotherapy can help with a Real Gastric Band

I have a great deal of experience with the Virtual Gastric Band or HypnoGastricBand Hypnosis – sometimes known as Hypno Band – so now I am offering an after care service to deal with the overeating.

We will find strategies for such things as stress, boredom, anxiety, worry, depression and more.

We will deal with the addiction – if that is what drives the excessive eating or drinking.

Together we can tackle the chocolate or sugar or alcohol addiction.

Together we can tackle all the underlying reasons driving the overeating so that, with the Gastric Band, you get the overeating and obesity under your control.

We look at HOW to tackle the obesity.

Which means that the Gastric Band can finally do it’s work and curb the appetite.

Graham Howes Certified HypnoGastricBand Practitioner Advanced Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk and Colchester Essex GHR registered and GHSC regulated CNHC approved

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