An alternative to dieting – how to really lose weight

How to Lose Weight without Dieting – Is this the answer you’ve been looking for?

Diets Don’t Work

Studies show that 98% of people find that diets don’t help long term – all the books, clubs, new diets, shakes, meal replacements, raspberry ketones pills – MIGHT help you lose weight short term – but nutritionists say that nearly ANY starvation or restriction diet will help short term but that really you need to target long term your “normal eating” because every time you get bored and go back to your “normal eating” you often put on weight, or worse, put on EVEN MORE weight!

Weight loss hypnosisTackling why you overeat

I believe that you need to tackle WHY you overeat and motivate yourself to put in place some easy strategies to naturally lose weight. Restriction or Replacement or Starvation diets are often not healthy long term and can stimulate the body to defend itself from attack by making you eat MORE.

You need a no nonsense approach based around proper nutritional best practice. It’s confusing about what you should and shouldn’t be eating, how many calories and carbs, what exercise? Is Red Wine good or Bad? Must I stop eating chocolate?

If you feel like a dieting failure – then the dieting industry loves you because you are the ultimate repeat business! You believe it is all your fault when actually it has been known for a long time that diets don’t work well long term for many people.

You are not lazy, stupid, weak-willed or undisciplined – you’ve just picked up some bad coping habits that make you larger than you need to be.  This means that you are putting your system under severe strain from all the extra weight – it is like carrying around bricks in a rucksack!

And there are risks with obesity that are well known; cardio vascular trouble, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, bad backs and knees, blood pressure and even cancer and depression!

And it isn’t your fault if diets don’t work for you. There is a way of losing weight and keeping it off permanently.

Would you like to find out how to eat “normal” amounts of great food and become the weight that you want to be?

I will help motivate some exercise and “intelligent eating” and I will help you deal holistically with the reasons WHY you overeat: these can be many: because of depression, boredom, anxiety stress, trauma and many more.

I have been used this weight loss course successfully with many hundreds of clients – I tailor each to your individual needs. I was in Harley Street and have been at French Complexion in Hadleigh since it opened in it’s new premises. For convenience I am at French Complexion on Sundays – where you will work with me in complete confidence. I am at my Private Practice in Ipswich Suffolk through the week. I also serve Colchester at Tree Room Centre, 11 Trinity Street, in Central Colchester by appointment.

Easy Weight Loss with gastric band hypnotherapy
Easy Weight Loss with gastric band hypnosis

Recent testimonial from Diana L on Facebook

    “Stop thinking about it everyone go and do it ….. Changed my life for the better, I am now 2 stone lighter and my dress size has gone for a 16 to a 12 just brilliant thank you Graham and my personal trainer Trish with her help and the loss of weight I can now run a 5k easily and am now training for a 10K next year……..”

“Just thought you would like to know: I have now lost 3 1/2 stone!” Ruth R

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Disclaimer: Hypnosis is not a magic wand – we work together to find the best possible outcome. Courses are non refundable

Could Stress be at the bottom of many of our problems in Life?

Scientific research seems to confirm that many problems in Life are caused by stress – and there is a solution:

Stress has been proven at the heart of many problems: addiction, depression, low self-esteem, failures in relationships, at work, in life in general. Stress it seems can lead to Cancer, heart disease and a focus on anxiety or panic which many find paralysing.

Stressed out business woman with hands, one person in the backgroundstressed businessman1

 Why is it so difficult to deal with stress – when it could be the main culprit for many of our health and personal problems?

The answer is that often stress is unconscious, buried deep in our subconscious, but managing our impulses. To get to it and disable the devastating effects on the immune system seems virtually impossible: how to fight a problem that does not even know it exists?

And Stress blocks the natural defensive agents of the body, and thus it becomes susceptible to all kinds of pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

A little Stress is good – when it activates a little adrenaline to identify and deal with challenges.  It is when it gets out of control that we spiral into meltdown and become anxious panicky worried or just plain ill. I have seen clients come in with stuttering and twitches – leaving 90 minutes later completely free of the affliction.

Is there any agent that may act directly on the cause of all our disorders, diseases and failures?

Yes! This is NOT a miracle cure – but acts by simply redirecting the unconscious processes which trigger these responses to try another more beneficent way – and this is where hypnotherapy and NLP can help you remap or alter the way that you process stress. You learn how to anchor a calm state and resolve issues in a relaxed way to find the best way forward every time.

What if you fail?

“So what fail again .. next time fail better”. (Samuel Beckett)

Learn to use perceived “failure” to do it better next time and don’t get miserable about it.

What is stress?

Stress happens when we try to do too much – of course part of this can be handled by changing the way that we handle challenges or problems – but we also should look at why the reaction is one that actually hinders you in resolving the challenge.

We have an ancient mechanism called the “fight or flight response” – which was useful if faced by a sabre toothed tiger intent on making you its breakfast – but not the same for Nigel from accounts wingeing about overspend of your budget. We try to suppress these feelings of sweaty palms .. heart racing .. a slight dizziness – that is actually the worst way to deal with your mind body response to a challenge  – because your unconscious processes will think you obviously needed more adrenaline and more stress chemicals – which makes it worse – so you try to suppress it again and so it spirals up into severe anxiety or panic or other manifestations of stress.

Rather than spiralling into a worse scenario- you can learn how to intervene and train yourself to acknowledge the alert and use the energy productively and calmly to tap into your inner experience and wisdom to find the best solution.

As you learn to process stress more productively and gain insight how to talk to the parts of you that run your mind and body – we can begin to go deep into issues and start to resolve them.

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