Anxiety Stress Panic attacks and Depression – Fears and Phobias – is there another treatment beyond Medication?

Hypnotherapy and NLP treatments for Anxiety Stress Panic Attacks Depression Fear and Phobia in Essex


I am seeing an awful lot of people at my clinics in Colchester Frinton and Manningtree recently for Anxiety, Work Related Stress Depression and Panic Attacks.

I suppose with the Financial Climate and the pressures on people this is unsurprising!

On it’s own Stress is now one of the big three killers in the World – and in the US, workers who have ended up with severe health issues because of stress, have even ended up suing the Companies that don’t practice proper Stress Management or fail in their duty of care!

Many people don’t realise that there is an alternative approach for Depression, Fears, Phobias, Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

Medication helps – but the question is whether you want that sort of support long term? Do you want to be a medicated version of you?

My years of experience of working with Clients with Hypnotherapy and NLP have helped me evolve an approach that seems to work for most sufferers.

Hypnotherapy and NLP for Stress Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks are all based in the Fight or Flight response – this was useful when you faced a Sabre Tooth Tiger – but less usually useful these days! We probably don’t want to fight or run away from Nigel from Accounts! (Or maybe we do!)

We hate the feeling of adrenaline, the sweaty palms and raised heartbeat and we try to quell it – the unconscious part of you concerned with this thinks you haven’t noticed that help it just gave you – and dumps some more adrenaline into the bloodstream .. and you are soon hyperventilating. Simply put: you are headed in the wrong direction! I teach clients how to get the situation under control by a combination of proven techniques and strategies.

Treating Depression with Hypnosis

People who are depressed get into the mindset of: the light at the end of the tunnel is definitely a train coming in the opposite direction! We explore a number of different tried and tested approaches to help you get past depression.

Treating Fears and Phobias with NLP and Hypnotherapy

Fears and Phobias are also based in the Fight or Flight response and are really a response to a stimulus that was perhaps useful once – but do we really need it? The answer is mostly NO. Hypnotherapy and NLP combined is probably the most powerful way to get rid of fears and phobias.

You CAN get control of Depression Stress, Anxiety and Panic or Fears and Phobia with Hypnosis and NLP- talk to me for FREE to see how.

Please text or call 07875720623 – leave name number and time to call.

Graham Howes Professional Hypnotherapist ASHPH GHR registered GHSC regulated Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP


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Author: grammy

I am an ex Harley Street Hypnotherapist working using hypnosis and NLP for hypnotherapy in Colchester, Frinton near Clacton in Tendring Essex and in Ipswich and Hadleigh Suffolk and by Skype worldwide with clients in London Barcelona and Florida to name but three. Also available Home Visits and onsite visits to Business and Theatre, TV studios and Film Sets from a Hypnotic specialist. I have also been a Teacher, Actor, Theatre Director, Writer and Singer for more than 35 years as well as a hypnotist.

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